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"The more we know ourselves, our habits, our patterns, the better we can approach our dreams."

-Nicole @nicoleholbrookcreative

Hey! I'm Nicole. I'm an indie author, freelance writer, and intuitive astrologer. Over the last 3 years I have grown my personal growth blog and writing career directly from the heart. I quickly realized, as a creative person and entrepreneur, that creativity is not at all what I thought it was.

It is actually a process of self-discovery that leads to novelty

It wasn't until I neared the end of my graduate degree that I realized this and it totally shifted the way I approach my projects as a creative person and entrepreneur. Now, I want to share all the wisdom with you. 

In this course I will be integrating leadership, yoga philosophy, and heart centered practices to give you a four part collection of lessons on intuitive living, connecting with the authentic self, and powering goals from start to finish.

(+ some incredible bonus content! read more below)

What you can learn...



Know what supports you.



Find your unique method.



Learn to live intuitively.

Let's break it down...


Inner Wisdom

In the first part of the course you can learn more about yourself with the practice of deep self-inquiry. There are several lessons including intuitive living, personality, ancient wisdoms, and much more focused on the heart. 


Taking Root

In the second part of the course you can learn how to integrate purpose with passion, get centered, find harmony, and try out various tools based on what you learned about yourself in part one.


Goal Setting

In the third part of the course you can tune in with your natural rhythm, set goals with action steps, and build a powerful strategy for success. This is where you can go from visionary to goal-getter. 


Yoga and Meditation

In the final part of the course you can practice yoga and meditation along with me in the video lessons or extract the nuggets of wisdom offered within each class to help you power your goals from start to finish. 


Bonus Content

In the bonus content of the course, not do you have access to my meal planning guide, daily check-in tool, and worksheets for self-publishing, thinking practices, and motivation, but you also get access to a library of 30 day challenges that you can tailor to you. 

The world is moving in new directions, and maybe you've found yourself to be too. This course was designed with those changes in mind. You could say that I have the coffee pot and you have the coffee beans. Let's make coffee! I'm sure we could both use the company. 

Stay updated and get ready to level up!

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